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Will update when I have the time.

As usual please provide as much information as possible with requests including:

Doujin Information Site (Doujin DB link)
Store Site (Toraoana or others)
Auction Site (YahooJapan, Ebay, etc.)
Any other information you can provide.


Incase your wondering how I search. I use Noppin to perform adult searches on YahooJapan, Doujin DB to get circle names/artist name/doujin names, Search by popular sellers, Sites like Nagomiweb, Toranoana, Kiraku, Sugura-ya, Rakuten, DMM, DoujinWeb.

Additionally English sites like Plecommi, Doujin Press, Tokyo Archive (Requests to site owner), Akabatsuki (Requests to site owner).

I buy using Rinkya, Noppin, JAA, MailorderJapan and a few others.

I have spent, to date, well over $2000 (It will be when I pay for the shipping for the latest humongous batch). I will definately slow down the pace and probably only buy from select circles in the future, so Get in WHILE ITS HOT.


  1. just reposting my request from the old blog

    爆乳げげら by gegera

    アヘン姫っ! by insert (scratch this since you already have it)

    C81限定本 売女 FFVII ティファ本 by insert

    H.O.T.D Marikawa-sensei no Himegoto by insert (still cant find a site to buy this)

    イキナリCLIMAX by anglachel(i think you said you already bought this on wordpress so scratch this)

    Nyuugyaku no mai by anglachel (im also not sure if you have this but is you do scratch this)

    ERO HAND by anglachel

    Genkai o Koeru / 限界を超えるッ by anglachel

    1. For the FF7 Insert one.

      You can actually order this one for yourself:

      They ship globally.

      I'll try taking a look at the other ones.

    2. as much as i would like to do that but our customs will surely confiscate it. i blame my government for this TT_TT also since this doujin is fairly new im pretty sure this will pop up cheaper in auction sites

      btw i think the deep black doujin on your request list has been already scanned

    3. scratch that, didnt notice its just a sample, back to search

    4. Where do you live?

      Deep Black on exhentai is just a preview and not the full thing.

    5. If you don't mind me asking, where do you live, if it's north america, you should be fine importing doujins.

    6. how i wish i live there, i live somewhere in asia, i tried buying once at mandarake coupled with other anime figures i bought and when they inspected it at the post office not only did they taxed me with almost the price i paid for the items but they confiscated the doujin as well and warned me that if i do it again they will register me as a sex offender, at least they didnt notice that one of the figures i bought is castofable else they will confiscate that too.

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  3. Requesting any of the unscanned works by the artist known as "Hitagiri".

    Some info on the artist:

    Works that have yet to be scanned are located in...
    -COMIC HANAMAN 2010-10
    -COMIC HANAMAN 2010-11
    -COMIC HANAMAN 2011-05

    Can be bought here:
    Or here:

    Would greatly appreciate it.

    PS: I don't know if you have a policy on scanning magazines but Comic Hanaman is a great one that has flown under the radar in the community. Many have missed being scanned. Surprising considering the price and number of well-known artists that publish works in them.

    1. I'll look them over, but like I stated earlier, I'm basically slowing down the pace a bit till I get the big shipment in.

  4. Ah went to check your other blog on wordpress and saw it was gone lol, i was like wtf happened, u were just there a while ago D::. Anyway good to see ur back again ^^.
    Here ya go, ur first request i guess XD

    Hybrid Tsuushin Vol.09/ハイブリッド通信 vol.09
    Hybrid Jimushitsu/ハイブリッド事務室

    Thanks again man, looking forward to more of ur stuff for sure :D

  5. I just put up a request two days ago. What great timing I have. Nice to see that you got back up again. These are the same requests I posted before.


    虜囚王女 Ryoshuu Oujou

    天馬覆滅 Tenma Fukumetsu

    DTBon -Tanya-


    Again I am willing to pay for these, although maybe not all at once. Thanks.

    1. Well, I ordered both of the fire emblems and they are costing me 3150 ($40 total) yen and 1200 ($20 total) yen respectively. I also put in a request for your DLsite stuff over at

      I couldnt find the avion village one, but I found a few (2) doujins from that circle that I liked and are not yet available.

      So send whatever you can over to via paypal. It's much appreciated.

      I really should update the list of doujins I have coming. Its fucking enormous.

  6. I would like to request this.
    [Kuributon(Sakura Mafumi)](C81)

  7. i would like to request
    Geheime Zeit (B97065) (V2)

  8. i am re-requesting:

    red sox

    計1名「とらのあな PRESENT VERSION13/NeWMeN」【10P19Mar12】【画】

    Sailor Fuku to Onna Kyoushi

    コミック ビー太郎 VOL.1

    セーラームーン>> 木搾液 改訂版


    ゆんゆんパラダイス 前編 (yun yun paradise part)

    チャージングP15 (Charging P15)

    please send me an invoice.

    1. Strange requests. I'll try to put together an exact cost + shipping invoice

  9. just saw this and would like to request this

    TIFA! by acid-head!/

    1. Will take a look, but I'm trying to slow up the pace a bit till I clear out the warehouse

  10. update on request, found an auction for ero hand and C81限定本 売女 FFVII ティファ本

    ero hand

    C81限定本 売女 FFVII ティファ本

    the auction for the last one also includes ahen ki(which you already have) and sena from boku wa tomodachi ga sukunai both by insert so i'll just try and look for a different auction

    1. I'll take a look, might try to bid on the 100 yen Anglachel one. I like to keep costs low.

    2. Requiring for ero hand. It's a nice work and hard to find. Thx

  11. update on request found 限界を超えるッ by anglachel on suruga-ya

    but since you are slowing down a bit till you get the big shipment in. i dont mind waiting.

  12. Oh well, I suppose I will just re-request the doujin from the old site.

    [Blue Garnet(Serizawa Katsumi)](C81)


    I request this doujin from the old site, and if I remember correctly, you said you already order it. May I know the status update of this dojin?
    [Rippadou(Inugai Shin)](C81)

    Please take you time. I don't mind waiting.

    1. I think I already ordered the Rippadou one. The others will probably have to wait.

  13. What about this one? I think I also request it in the old site before. Again, please take your time.


  14. I posted an update on my requests, but it seems it didn’t go through for some reason. Anyway here it is again:
    I forgot to mention that I’ll pay for the ones I requested all at once or a few at a time, whichever is more convenient for you.
    I found a copy of trouble everyday by newmen and mrp.
    if possible, please order this one first before my previous requests, thanks.
    If needed, take your time.

  15. Pesorna

    1. Oops I forgot to say I was requesting this, I think bang-you pretty good but I dunno how you feel about them.

  16. hi,
    i would like to commission some scans from you,
    if your interessted send me a mail:

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  18. donated $15, thank you :3

    P.S : sorry it took a long time

  19. i would like to commission some scans from you
    if your interessted send me a mail
    here is what i want

  20. Anyone know where I can find scans of this?

  21. Would like to request these

    [LEYMEI] オルタのオルタ


    [ALICE SOFT] 戦国ランス 3

    [Veronicanoha] 三度目の負け戦囚われの姫

    KICHIKU DE PON! 2-3!-2-Yamamoto-Isoroku-Kikiippatsu/!-3-Uesugi-Kenshin-Oranshin/


  22. Rinsako, this is not a request, but a suggestion in case you also like to have a collection that contains "different" things. There are doujinshi that are waterproof since they can be read while soaking in the bath or looked at during occasions where fluids other than water are present. For doujins like this, a scan or official digital version can never approach having the physical waterproof doujin in your hands.

    For example, Masterbloodfer recently posted scans of a waterproof doujin at:[PASTEL%20WING%20(Kisaragi-MIC)]%20Ofuro%20de%20PASTEL%20WING%202%20(Various)/index.html


    Manga about Nissan's CEO :3

    1. lol is it amusing? I might buy, I was thinking of getting some manga instead of just buying doujins constantly.

      Branching out and the such.

    2. I'll tell you if you drop by IRC :3

  24. Just repostig another one of my request from old blog.
    [Human High-Light Film(Jacky Knee-san)](C81)

    Again, I can always wait.

  25. Short request:

    Irenka - Kagami Visual Works

    BTW, amazing job on all the stuff so far.

  26. I was curious if u were still taking orders, cuz the request i made a while back i was wondering if u would invoice me for it and id really like to pay for it and i guess u play the middleman (if thats what u call it lol). Anyway here it is again:

    Definitely wanna pick this one up for sure. Oh and i wanted to add this one to the request list, tried looking online and will keep looking, its a bakuman doujin by the same artist ハイブリッド事務室/Hybrid Jimushitsu (if u havent noticed, i really like their work :D):

    Would really like to pitch u the money and purchase this as well. Anyway thanks again dude, its always much appreciated on my end as per usual ^_^



    ef zero


  30. THIS, please THIS:

  31. Can you please scan this one: You can Buy it through amazon costs 1050 yen


    1. Artist name is Kawasaki Tadataka
      It seems to be easily available to buy but nobody else has scanned it.
      Also you are doing a great job!

  33. Hey, this isn't a request for a scan.

    Do you think you might be able to ask some people you know about the artist? He seems to have disappeared after releasing one work, and my only guesses are:

    1) He quit
    2) Azuma Kenji is just a pseudonym
    3) He died

    Really curious about this artist, and would appreciate it if you can investigate.

  34. [Nekoranbu(Minako Nami)](C78)

  35. Can you ask that group/person you said specializes in CG works about this?

  36. Hey, could you consider getting this one next time you make an order?

  37. On your next order hopefully.

    Kikurage's Guilty Crown doujin

  38. Can you upload "[RukiRukiExiss] Motherfucker (FF7)" on mediafire? I read you have it. Please email me at "". Thanks.

  39. Could you by any chance just scan the issue of kairakuten 2012-04?

    I am willing to compensate you for the the cost of the doujin and S+H and Service fees

  40. [Rikudou-Juku(Rikudou Koushi)](C04)



  41. [Jingai-makyou(Inue Shinsuke)](C81)

  42. [Human High-Light Film(Jacky Knee-san)](SC56)

    [Kyoten Heichou(Iwai Takeshi)](C80)


    I don't know when you will be coming back but I will keep on posting requests.

  43. Another request from me.


  44. i have a request but i am also willing to cover buy cost
    i want these 2
    contact me at

  45. I'd like to request "cure cure f" by Molotov cocktail.

  46. Hey, I've been trying desperately to find 足ふぇち! by そげ田29 (sogeta29), but it's been out of stock everywhere I look.

    If you can get a scan by any means, I'm willing to pay a good price. Hope you can help!